What it's like to work with me

Afterall this is all about YOU! My goal is to make you feel your best while also creating a space where you feel comfortable and yourself! I want to capture YOU GUYS and your story! The way you look at each other, the way you laugh, the way you cuddle... so how do you do that you ask? Well, I realize every couple is unique and each relationship is different. I am more of a prompter than a poser! I create prompts for you guys so that the realness and genuine emotion comes out! Every image you see of mine is not forced, it's what comes out of presenting various cues so that I can truly capture what your love is like.

I know the idea of taking photos can be daunting and nerve wracking, especially for those wondering "what do I do with my hands"

Let's do this thang
I want to get to know you

It is crucial for me to get to know you! Your likes, your dislikes, what makes you tick, the ins and outs of what your relationship is and how it works.  Before you even book with me, I love taking the time to get to know you and your vision! I always love having a FaceTime call before ever signing a contract that way we can meet "face to face" and we can be sure that I am a good fit for you. I want you to be just as excited to work with me as I am with you! If we hit it off and you feel GREAT booking with me than a contract and deposit seal the deal!  After that I am there for you in whatever ways you need! Bounce ideas off, your best hype gal, your Pinterest stalker, I am down for it all! 

Photography for me is not just showing up to snap some cool photos to post to Instagram, it is to truly connect with the people in front of my camera.

I will help you with your timeline if you need it, suggestions on family shot lists, and more! Don't be alarmed when I show up to your wedding day FREAKING OUT WITH EXCITEMENT!!! I am just so stoked to be a part of it all and I am feeling all the emotions too! And not to mention our friendship doesn't end after I deliver your photos...it goes WAY beyond that! When you hire me you hire a lifetime gal pal who is always a text or call away! I will continue to invest in you for years to come!

Ready to pee your pants laughing, dance your heart out, and have a freaking blast with me!? Than let's do this thang! Forever, your girl Jess!

I might be your photographer if...

You want someone who is more than just your photographer

I am here to serve you in any way that I can, if that means giving input for your engagement shoot outfits, or bustling your dress on your wedding day, or busting a move on the dance floor, or grabbing a drink to catch up and chat I. am. there.

I'll be there for youuuuuu....cue Friends theme song ;) every step of the way!

You want all of your most authentic moments captured - the good, the messy & everything in between

You want someone to tell you story & be your best pal along the way

You're not looking for someone who just shows up to snap some photos (not my style)

You want a photog that values connection, relationship & genuine friendship

You want to pay for an experience, not just a vendor

so what do ya say?

I've had a camera in my hand starting at a young age, I had to document everything!!! From dorky middle school and high school memories, to sunsets, to any and all trips I took. I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in hospitality and tourism management and I thought I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life - plan events! This goes back to those ASB days where planning spirit weeks and school dances was what I lived for (lol). I went from a 9-5 corporate go-getter, to entrepreneur, to a photography side hustle which turned into my full-time business owning gig AKA Jessica Woodard Photography.

Next chapter

I graduated college and jumped right into the event world, working for a destination management company as an intern, then account manager where I assisted my team in planning, coordinating, and executing corporate events (anything from small dinners and local San Diego activities, to large scale week long programs, big name concerts and more! Seems like the dream huh? After several years and a rollercoaster of successful high moments to stressful deadlines, I knew something was missing... I was no longer passionate about going to work everyday and the world I once thought would be my lifetime career wasn't fulfilling me. 

Next chapter

My husband asked me one day "If money was no object, what would be your dream job?" After really thinking about it, I realized photography would be my ideal career, meeting new people, telling their stories, exploring new places...basically combining all of my obsessions into one job, not to mention the idea of being an entrepreneur always interested me as my mom has owned her own interior design business for almost 30 years! I guess you can say boss babe is in my blood ;)
From there, I started slowly building my photography business on the side while continuing to work my 9-5.

Next chapter

I started out shooting for free and taking any and all clients! I wasn't sure what I wanted as my "niche".
Funny enough, when I first started for some reason I was DEAD SET on not doing weddings... they seemed scary and too far fetched for someone like me. I had worked for a wedding planner in college and thought it just wasn't for me. Sure enough I second shot my first wedding to make sure that weddings was something I wasn't interested and sure enough, to my surprise, I FELL IN LOVE!!! Being on the photography side of weddings was much different than what I was used to. Being able to capture someone's most special day of their lives and be a part of it all first hand was AN ABSOLUTE DREAM!!!!

Next chapter

I slowly upgraded my camera gear and dove right in! I've grown so much over the last few years second shooting a ton and photographing several weddings on my own that it now feels like second nature! Every love story is different and having the opportunity to become friends with my clients makes it that much sweeter to document. I took a leap of faith and quit my 9-5 job of 6.5 years and finally made my dream of being a full time photog a reality (LIKE WHAAAATTTT???!!! *cue happy tears*) Never in a million years did I think I would be doing photography full time but God always has a way of surprising you! This is about YOU! Capturing YOUR real moments, YOUR emotions, YOUR memories. Your girl, Jess <3

the end!

How i got where I am today

My Story

"If anyone is looking to book a photographer in Southern California- or anywhere! - my fiance and I highly recommend Jessica and can't wait to work with her again!""

The knitty gritty

Let me answer some frequently asked questions

Heck yes! I love to travel and would love the opportunity to join you wherever your wedding day or photo session takes you! Although I am based in Simi Valley, CA (North of LA) I will gladly meet you in whichever place your hearts desire to say “I do!” All weddings outside of SoCal get custom quotes depending on the cost of lodging, flights and rental cars. Stateside weddings normally require an additional fee of $600-$800 and international travel fees range from $1200-$2500.

I deliver all high-resolution photos through an online portal. You will get sent a custom link via email to view, download, share, and print your photos. The amount of photos delivered all depends on which package you choose, but my goal is to give you whatever the amount is that best tells your story! But on average for weddings I provide about 100 photos per hour, and for engagements or lifestyle sessions I provide about 50 photos per hour. I always make sure you do not miss out on any special moments captured even if that means I over-deliver ;)

No I do not give out the RAW files as it is not an accurate depiction of my work. Asking for the RAW photos is like asking a painter for a half done painting. I curate my photos with my own unique touch and style and that is exactly what I would like to give all my clients. 

Yes I do! I require a deposit along with a signed contract in order to lock in the date and session. I usually require a 25% deposit to book, but from there we can customize a payment plan that works best for you! This is so that I know you are committed to me as much as I am committed to you :)

Of course! I know every couples’ day looks different so fitting the exact mold into one of my packages may not be for everyone. I will certainly work with you on a custom quote to fit your needs and vision.

Although a second shooter is certainly not required, it is HIGHLY recommended! The benefits to a second shooter are many as they are able to capture additional angles, moments, and details that come from having 2 photographers rather than just 1. Having a second shooter means that your day is photographed FULLY with an additional perspective making sure nothing gets missed! There are a lot of advantages to a second shooter and this is something that can be added on after booking as well. 

My goal is always to try and get your photos to you as quickly as possible, however depending on the season some are busier than others. My turnaround time for engagements and lifestyle sessions is typically 2-4 weeks and weddings is usually 6-8 weeks. Depending on how busy the season is, turn around time may vary but I will be sure to spell it all out in your contract.

ABSOLUTELY!!!! I would love to share past galleries with you! Please let me know if you would like me to send full galleries to you upon contacting me.

contact me!

I can't wait to hear from you!

Let's Be Friends